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We recommend not attempting to open your garage door if it has a broken spring. Follow these safety tips if you must open the door to get a car out: Keep yourself safe by protecting your back, keeping your fingers away from pinch points and ensuring your feet

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Install safety cables:

Install safety cables on extension springs to prevent injury if they break.
1. Attach new spring: Securely attach the new spring to the mounting brackets.
2. Wind torsion spring: Use winding bars to wind the new torsion spring to the correct tension.
3. Balance the door: Adjust the tension to properly balance the garage door.
4. Test door movement: Open and close the door to ensure smooth operation.
5. Lubricate moving parts: Apply lubricant to rollers, hinges, and tracks for smooth movement.
6. Check for wear: Inspect other components like cables and rollers for wear and tear.

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7. Tighten hardware: Tighten bolts and screws on the door and track system.
8. Verify safety features: Ensure safety features like sensors are properly aligned and functional.
9. Test auto-reverse feature: Verify the auto-reverse feature is working correctly.
10. Schedule regular maintenance: Plan for regular inspections and maintenance to prevent future issues.
11. Seek professional help: If unsure or uncomfortable with the repair, contact a professional technician.
12. Reconnect power: Plug in the garage door opener once the repair is complete.

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